Wedding Videography

Hi, I am Bernard and I am a Videographer :)


I have an authentic unobtrusive style and love to capture emotions without interfering. I would describe my style of wedding videos as “intimate”. It's all about capturing real emotions, real laughter, real tears and real reactions.

For me, it is as much about capturing and filming your guests' as it is about filming you. That is why I make use of three cameras to make sure I capture the action, but also the guest’s reaction. I also use my own sound recording equipment to make sure you can hear what was said on the day.

What do you receive?

You receive a Flash drive with all your edited video(s): Ceremony, speeches, highlight video etc..

The full ceremony edit from bride entrance up to the confetti (+-40min)

All the edited speeches in full (+-30min)

The Main dances in full - First dance, father and daughter dance (+-10min)

An "uncut" version of all the dance shots (+-10min)

Anything else that justifies a separate clip. eg. The shoe game etc..

Do I travel?

I have filmed weddings in all 9 provinces of South Africa and love traveling. Wedding videos have been my full-time passion for the last 10 years, and I am proud to say that I have covered more than [data-F2] weddings to date.


I do offer a livestream to YouTube option, this service is [data-G2] on top of the regular videography package. *I need good Vodacom Cell Reception at the venue for it to work.


I charge [data-B2] and this includes :

1 Videographer – Me, unless I am already booked then I shall refer you to photographers I know and trust.

Coverage from the bride and groom’s preparations, up to the last formalities.±10hours

My trusty sidekick Andre

If I am already booked for your date, but you would still want to make use of Pink flower’s awesome service and price, then I have an awesome solution for you in the form of Andre. He has a very similar style and vibe as mine and I would trust him to shoot my own wedding. So, when applicable, everything else stays the same, it’s just Andre shooting the wedding instead of me.

What do you cover on the day?

  • I film the getting ready, ladies and guys.
  • The full ceremony.
  • Canapés
  • Interaction shots during the couple-shoot
  • Reception entrance
  • All the Speeches
  • First dance
  • Father-daughter dance
  • Games incl. bouquet toss and garter throw
  • Cake cutting
  • Guests dancing and/or bar games

Get in touch.

Thank you for taking the time to read through my wedding videography page. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Hopefully, we can meet and talk over a cup of coffee.

Kind Regards,
071 353 1660

Thank you for taking the time to read through my page.

If you are considering using me as your wedding videographer I feel honored already and would love to meet you.

Quick Recap:

Are you still reading this? Do you not think you have reached the end of my page? Do you think this is a game? (If you get the movie reference let me know and I might give you a small discount.)

Anyway, Since you are so interested in what I have to say that you scrolled all the way down here, let me talk about some things you can keep in mind with regards to your wedding video.

Chewing gum really does not look good on video, just do not do it.

High flowers and candles on tables make it rather difficult for me to capture your guests or even your reactions, try to keep it below face level.

During the Groom’s speech, I want to capture the bride’s reaction. This sounds straightforward, but you will not believe the number of weddings where during that exact moment of the day, one of the flower girls want to sit on the bride’s lap, thereby ruining the visibility of the bride’s face. (I kid you not (pun intended), it has happened more than 30 times)

With regards to the above point, I try my best to move into a spot where I can get a clean shot. Keeping the following points in mind:
I do not want to obscure your guest’s view.
I do not want to interrupt proceedings.
I want to be stealthy.
I want to get the best shot possible.